SnoKamp-It Matters!

On a snowy evening in February, 80 youth and sponsors from Allegheny Conference converged on the Solarhouse at Laurelville Mennonite Church Center. We were coming together for the annual senior high SnoKamp. The theme for the weekend was “IT MATTERS” and bible teacher Dan Hunsberger, part of the pastoral team at Kaufman Mennonite, lead us in some challenging and encouraging times together.

SnoKamp collage 2015Friday night he talked about, People Matter, and that all people matter to God, so people should matter to us. Saturday morning, he talked about Peace Matters, and if we are choosing to be one of Jesus disciples we need to take seriously when Jesus says, love your enemy.

Saturday evening we were challenged to remember that ‘it doesn’t matter’ what people think when we are trying to be faithful to Jesus. People might wonder why we act in different ways like showing kindness, or caring for the least of these, or enjoying being in community with other believers, and we need to keep showing the love of God in our everyday lives.  Saturday evening we were treated to a concert by KNOWMERCY from the Bellville area.

Dan wrapped up Sunday morning with Jesus Matters. When we choose to go on this journey with Jesus, we need to listen to his words and live them out. On this journey, Jesus is always with us and will be faithful to us. The weekend was also full of great worship music, fun, fellowship, sledding, getting to connect with old friends and making new ones.                                                                                    Joy Cotchen, Conference Minister of Children and Youth

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Come and Join the Music!

The music at “PA 2015″ promises to be heavenly, full of energy and spirit.

Choirs are comMWC musciing from Africa, and music groups and performers from all continents. And there will be lots of group singing, with an 18-member international worship team.

Come prepared to be both comforted and stirred! And please spread the word to family and friends.

Join us at “PA 2015″ for a life-changing Assembly, July 21-26, 2015 in Harrisburg, PA.For details go to


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What’s So Important About Summer Camp?

15.-Summer-Camp-photo-1024x659     As summer camp preparations are underway at Laurelville Mennonite Church Center, I look back over the past 15 years of directing camp and continue to reflect how important summer camp can be in a child’s/youth’s faith journey. Too many times the voices of youth are not asked for around the church setting, but we do ourselves a disservice when we don’t listen to these voices. Many times young people are referred to as the church of tomorrow, and they will be the church of tomorrow but more importantly they are the church of today, with many wonderful insights for us to hear and with a lot to teach us.

Summer Camp is one way of nurturing a young person’s faith journey and it becomes a wonderful setting to learn and a safe place to ask hard questions. They can talk and learn together with their peers and be mentored by great young adult counselors. It is a great experience to get away from the busyness of life and technology to spend time in God’s creation learning and playing together. Camp gives kids the opportunity to be in tune with Jesus without outside distractions and becomes a place for learning valuable lessons that will be with them on the rest of their journeys.

This summer we will be “Walking in God’s Story”, looking at the Biblical story and how it connects to us today. You can register on-line at

We are also looking for some college age students to be a part of our summer camp team. Contact Joy Cotchen at or Laurelville for more information.                                                                                               Joy Cotchen, Conference Minister of Children and Youth

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Pray With Us!


Pray with us, pray for us, pray for our world! Help us celebrate Mennonite Mission Network’s Day of Prayer on May 1 and join us in prayer for the mission and ministry of each person, congregation, conference and Mennonite Mission Network.

Visit for individual and congregational resources like Prayer Vine (a monthly prayer calendar), a 24-hour prayer vigil sign-up sheet, and more!


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