About Leadership Council

Leadership Council Members:
    Enos Tice, Moderator
    LeAnne Zook, Moderator-elect
    Wayne Yoder, Casselman Valley Region Representative
    Chris Lehman, Johnstown Region Representative
    Jane Rittenhouse, Western Region Representative
    James Rosenberger, Eastern Region Representative
    Brayden Thomas and Olivia Yoder, Youth Cabinet Representatives
    Phoebe Sharp, Constituency Leaders Council Representative
    Erin Leatherman, Treasurer
    + Allegheny Mennonite Conference Staff:
        David Mishler, Conference Minister
        Joy Cotchen, Minister of Children and Youth
        Kathy Holsopple, Administrative Assistant



June 8, 2017 meeting approved

AMC Leadership Council minutes 3.23.17 approved

Minutes January 13-15, 2017 approved

Sept 8, 2016 to be approved

Leadership Council Minutes July 2016 approved


January 15-17, 2016 retreat (final)

Leadership Council September 4, 2015

Leadership Council Meeting April 15, 2015

Leadership Council minutes January 16-18, 2015

Leadership Council minutes September 18, 2014 approved

Leadership Council July 10, 2014 final

Leadership April 10, 2014 final

Leadership Council minutes January 2014 final

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