We value…

We value an Anabaptist approach to Christian faith and practice, with the 1995 Confession of Faith in a Mennonite Perspective as our guiding document, especially holding the centrality of Jesus Christ and walking daily in the way of discipleship as high priorities.

We value place-based ministry and congregational discernment as the best way to develop Christian community and practice within the neighborhoods of our congregations.

We value a collaborative and mutual accountability model of conference-level discernment, based in relationship, covenant and agreeing to meet together regularly for celebration, worship, training and sharing our local ministry frameworks with one another, challenging each congregation to walk in the way of Jesus.

We value extending the reign of God by calling persons to voluntary commitment in a local expression of the community of faith, where Christian formation, worship, fellowship and sharing happen best.

Allegheny Mennonite Conference –
12 congregations seeking to be faithful disciples in the 21st century