Who is Allegheny Mennonite Conference

Who is Allegheny Mennonite Conference?

We are a group of 12 congregations from PA, WV, MD and DE who are raising two significant priorities:

  • to be a conference whose highest priority is to walk in the way of Jesus, the center of our faith, and
  • to be so committed to place-based ministry, ministry in our local neighborhoods, that everything we do flows out of this commitment to offer Jesus’ reconciliation in our home towns.

We value relationships.  We commit our delegates to be present at three gatherings each year to share what God is doing in our various places, so that we can celebrate and counsel with one another.  Our pastors commit to be engaged regularly in pastor peer gatherings for sharing, education and counsel.

We value diversity. We believe diversity of thought and practice will sharpen one another in extending the reign of God in our neighborhoods.

We value staying at the table.  Not imposing our agenda on one another, yet discerning together how God is speaking into the life of our conference and the lives of our congregations, we aspire as adult siblings to honor one another with ongoing conversation, seeking our future together.

Allegheny Mennonite Conference.

Jesus centered.  Collaborative.  Committed to place-based ministry.

If you are interested in learning more about Allegheny Mennonite Conference or one of our congregations, you can start by contacting our office at 814-443-2007 or emailing us at office@alleghenymennoniteconference.org