Allegheny Miscellany

By David Mishler, Conference Minister         Volume 17 – May 2019

#1 Preparing for Mennonite Convention 2019 in Kansas City All congregations in Mennonite Church USA are eligible to send delegates to the biennial convention – 1 for every 100 persons or fraction thereof.  About half of our congregations send delegates every two years.  In order to encourage more congregations to send delegates, if your congregation has not sent persons for at least the last two conventions (2015 & 2017), MC USA is offering a substantial discount on the cost of registration to encourage all congregations to consider sending representatives.  I expect this convention to  build on the “Journey Forward” and the “Renewed Commitments” coming out of Orlando 2017 –  Call the conference office for details about the discounts for MennoCon19!
#2 – 71 days to Summer Celebration at Laurelville – August 2-4
Yes, it’s time!  Time to get your registrations in for our Summer Celebration.  Worship, collaboration, inspiration, new beginnings!  All will be part of this year’s gathering – Much Fruit!  The registration form can be found online.  You may pay by check or, with a little good fortune, you may be able to use your credit card or PayPal account by August meeting time!

John 15:1-8 is our scripture focus.  Dave Mishler (Scottdale), Kate Heinzel (University) and Wes Bergen (Morgantown CoB) will be preaching.  From which frame of reference do you see God’s kingdom – a frame of scarcity or a frame of abundance?  Deep roots, tending the vines, much fruit.

We will be introducing a congregation, West Philadelphia Mennonite Fellowship, who has decided to join Allegheny Mennonite Conference.  There is both joy and sorrow as decisions are made about the best conference affiliation for congregations who are seeking to give witness to their discerned vision and call of Christ in their local contexts.
Bring table games, puzzles, Rook and Dutch Blitz (not for the feint of heart) and other favorites for Friday and Saturday post meeting shenanigans.
#3 – Summer Camp – “I AM” – who Jesus is and who I am – identity building par excellence!
Just a reminder it is not too late to register for summer camp at Laurelville for ages 6-17. Go to to register, you will receive a discount for being an AMC congregation.
#4 – International Guest House needs you!
IGH is fully staffed with volunteers most of the year.  The summer month are notorious for not having enough volunteers to fill the gap. Can you make yourself available for a short (or longer) stint this summer?  Check out their website to learn more about this ministry –
#5 – Fiscal year-end approaching – anticipating good news
As of this writing, we anticipate that we will use less of our reserves than our spending plan predicted at the beginning of our current fiscal year, which began July 1, 2018.  We expected to use $13,765 of our $31,000 of reserves.  Because of increased giving, mostly from individuals and sister conferences, we project using only about $4,000, a net positive of some $9,000.  Our delegates gave us a mandate to produce a balanced budget by 2021.  We are clearly making good progress toward that mandate.  Allegheny continues to offer a place where pastors can support one another, congregations can live out their calling in their local neighborhoods and we sharpen each other through creative collaboration – consider your year-end contribution to support AMC.
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