Allegheny Miscellany

By David Mishler, Conference Minister                                          Volume 10 – October 2018

#1 – Faith and Life Gathering – November 3 – University Mennonite Church (State College, PA).
Calling all delegates (and all persons interested in the future of Allegheny)!  We will gather for a pivotal meeting in State College.  Working toward a sustainable budget and staffing patterns, reviewing the work and proposals from our Affiliation Task Group, and hearing stories and praying for Springs, University and 3rd Way Collective, among other important agenda, are all on the docket for our fall meeting.

Coming out of our strong time together at Laurelville in August, we are poised to make some important decisions about our near and long-term future as a conference.  We should have a sense of congregational support for the coming year as our new treasurer, Karin Miller, is researching with our congregations what to expect for congregational contributions in 2019-20.  The Leadership Council is setting clear priorities which we will review together.

Cash flow continues to be strong into early fall, due to the administrative fee, and the gifts from Indiana-Michigan Mennonite Conference and Central District Conference (CDC).  Together these conferences have gifted Allegheny $8,300 to be used in the current fiscal year.  And CDC has committed another $4,000 for next fiscal year.  Great thanks to these conferences for their interest and support of this sister conference!  We are using significantly less of our reserves than anticipated, giving us a much clearer path to sustainability by 2020-21.  Thank you also to all congregations and donors for your responses and support.  A year-end fundraising letter will go out in early December to all delegates and past contributors which is designed to raise the $15,000 of receipts called for in our annual spending plan.  Give generously as you are able!

#3 – MERGER of The Mennonite and Mennonite World Review     
Posted on October 5, 2018
Through the proposed merger of The Mennonite, Inc. (TMI) and Mennonite World Review (MWR), Mennonite Church USA will lose its official media platform (both print and digital) dedicated to MC USA voices and news. The merged organization will function as an independent editorial voice serving a variety of Anabaptist communities including MC USA, but without organizational ties to any particular Anabaptist denomination.

Read more background information and Frequently Asked Questions here:

The MC USA Executive Board and staff are seeking input from the broader church as we navigate the merger process and discern our communication needs moving forward.

Mennonite Church USA constituency are asked to please complete a survey at the following link no later than October 29:

Please respond with your questions, comments, hopes and dreams to this post.  If you are viewing this post in your email account, use your email “reply” as one way to respond.  Or if you are reading this post on our website, post a comment here.  All online comments are screened before they go live.

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