Allegheny Miscellany

By David Mishler, Conference Minister                      Volume 13 – January 2019

#1 – Allegheny delegates respond with strong financial commitment – more work ahead.

The prayer card and narrative budget emphasis from our new treasurer, Karin Miller (Springs), has been met with strong support from those delegates and donors who answered the year end call.  Over $3,100.00 has been received to date.  Along with strong contributions leading up to the year-end appeal, Allegheny is on pace to meet the $15,000.00 “other giving” target.  “Other giving” means above normal congregational contributions.  This revenue source will be an ongoing part of our regular support needs going forward.  Special gifts from Indiana-Michigan and Central District Conferences have also assisted the effort to not draw any monies from reserves during the current fiscal year.  At the recent Leadership Council Retreat, a new Stewardship Resource Ministry task force is being developed to give direct input and leadership to meeting our annual financial goals.  You will be hearing more about these new strategies and targets at our upcoming Faith & Life Gathering in March (see below).  We need your continued prayers, love and financial support!

#2 – Everence “My Neighbor” program also boosts Allegheny.

If you are looking for a great way to help Allegheny Conference’s annual revenue goals, with virtually no effort, consider using Everence’s personal or business Mastercard.  1.5% of all purchases go to Allegheny Mennonite Conference simply by choosing AMC as “My Neighbor.”  The $1,437.61 check just received from Everence represents several persons/businesses selecting AMC.  For more information, check out the My Neighbor program and or call Kathy at the conference office.  Thank you!  Allegheny appreciates our “Neighbors”!

#3 – A reframing of Allegheny’s vision ongoing.

Peter Senge says – “a vision is a picture of the future you would like to create, described in the present tense as if it were happening now” (Ken Bechtel, Leader magazine Winter 2018-19).  I think that also describes much of the New Testament, writings from the early church that captures the already/not yet character of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Allegheny is committed to living into that gospel vision with imagination and the power of the Spirit of Christ.  More on this thought 2019!

#4 – Conference Minister undergoes knee replacement surgery.

On January 23, Conference Minister David Mishler received a total knee replacement, necessary some thirty years after a soccer injury which tore his ACL and meniscus.  Dave plans to work from home a bit more as he undergoes therapy, but is scheduling congregational visits and keeping up a “regular” schedule as much as he can tolerate.  Thank you for your prayers, letters and emails of support and caring, and your challenges to take care of myself.  I will do my best to balance recovery with the ongoing work of Allegheny.

#5 – Change the Date! – the Spring Faith and Life Gathering at Scottdale Mennonite Church has officially been moved to March 16, 2019 (third Saturday) due to MC USA schedule conflicts.  Make sure to get this important meeting as we determine next steps in AMC’s journey.

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