AMC Delegation Attends Central District Gathering

On June 22-24, four people from AMC attended Central District Conference’s (CDC) annual meeting. Representatives from CDC will attend AMC’s Celebration of Congregations and Conference in August. To learn more about this process of networking, see “Allegheny and Central District conferences explore new relationship,” posted on the Mennonite on June 27.
If you haven’t registered for our summer Celebration of Congregations and Conference yet, early registration ends July 14! Click here to download the registration form.

The theme for CDC’s 2017 annual gathering was “Abounding in Love… Abiding in Grace.”

AMC reps, Enos Tice and Julie Swartzentruber, along with others at CDC’s annual gathering, look on as RAWtools demonstrates how they turn guns into garden tools.

Delegates and visitors participate in table groups at CDC’s annual gathering.

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