Coming Events

Our annual Celebration of Congregations and Conference will be held August 3-5, 2018 at Laurelville Mennonite Church with the theme being Abundance on the Journey. The scripture reference will be John 3:24-35 and the speakers will be Pastors Michelle  Burkholder (Hyattsville), David Swanson (Pittsburgh), and Jayne Byler (Stahl). Saturday evening after worship Everence will be sponsoring our ice cream followed by a jam session, so bring your instruments. Cindy Lapp and Eric Stoltzfus will be chairing the jam session. There will be activities for children, youth, and a staffed nursery will be provided during the worship services and business sessions. Plan on attending the weekend where you can celebrate and fellowship with one another. Here is a registration form: registration forms  and is also listed on Allegheny’s website under the delegate tab. Here is a schedule for packet 2018 for the weekend.

Annual reports for 2017-2018 may be found in this zip file: 2017-18 Annual Reports. This includes reports from within Allegheny and along with various agencies.

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