International Guest House Voluntary Service Opportunity

The practice of hospitality to those who come to us as strangers and leave as friends is at the basis of our faith as Mennonites and Anabaptists. Volunteers at the International Guest House in Washington, D.C. live this teaching of Jesus in their daily interactions with guests from all over the world. The work consists of keeping the household running (cleaning, baking, maintenance, and responding to needs of our guests). The breakfast and evening tea are particularly rewarding times for sharing in relaxed and informal ways. We have a current need for short term volunteers beginning this summer who might serve at least two months. (Training requires at least two weeks). Free room and board and two days off per week to explore the city or surrounding areas. This 50 year-old ministry is under the auspices of Allegheny Mennonite Conference. For information or an application, contact Sara at

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